We need more recycling: our lifestyle depends on it

Food and beverage service and convenience packaging solutions first started to emerge on a societal scale one century ago with the introduction of the single-use paper cups - a safer alternative to the re-usable drinking cups being used in schools and in public places at the time. Numerous others solutions followed to satisfy consumer’s health, safety and convenience needs.

Now a new paradigm has emerged: we must make better use of the limited resources we have in order to continue to share them on such a scale. As manufacturers of on-the-go packaging, we realise that we have an important role to play to make sure that the resources we shape and sell can be recycled afterwards. Our products, made of different kinds of paper and plastics, are recyclable for the most part. However, little has been done so far to recycle them in practice.

Having realised the huge opportunity to improve the recycling of our products, in November 2016, we decided to launch our very own circular economy initiative in order to bring the right stakeholders together to increase the recycling of our products, increase awareness of the possibility for our products to be recycled and showcase the many cases in which we already have established collaborations with partners to use recycled materials or make sure our products are recycled.

more separate collection = more recycling
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