Treviso 2017: how to run your event with the circular economy in mind

Each year, in May, thousands of Italians gather for a weekend-long event known as the “Adunata Nazionale degli Alpini”, a celebration of Italian solidarity. This year the 90th edition of the commemoratory event was held in the city of Treviso, in the North-Eastern Italian region of Veneto. 650,000 people participated – a record number.

480 tonnes of waste were collected from the event. 67% was collected separately – another record number. These resources were sent to be recycled into new products, thereby avoiding the use of 175 tonnes of virgin raw materials, avoiding 250 tonnes of CO2 emissions, saving EUR 50,000 in waste disposal costs and generating another EUR 262,000 from the resources that were collected separately, among others.

This impressive achievement is attributable to the overarching circular approach that was taken for the event. 280 volunteers were out in the streets to raise awareness to event participants of the importance of separate collection and manage the special collection bins and containers that were deployed across the city during the three days. More than 100 stakeholders made the collection for recycling possible.

You will hear more about these and other initiatives to promote greater recycling at “The Reaching 4 Recycling, Calling 4 Collection Conference 2017” on 9 November.

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