Skiers in Lahti collect and recycle: a model for all of Europe?

For the 2017 edition of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships that took place in Lahti, Finland, this year, Huhtamaki, a global specialist in food and drink packaging, and Stora Enso, one of the world’s leading producers of sustainable packaging board, collaborated to put in place a “circular supplier model”. The objective of the initiative was to make sure that paper products used at the event were properly collected and later recycled.

There are similar-sized events across Europe every year. Encouraging events of a certain size to be managed in that way could provide a circular economy leap for on-the-go packaging. Public events such as festivals, concerts, competitions, and markets of all seasons, involve the mobilisation of vast amounts of foodservice packaging such as cups, bags, plates, napkins and even cutlery. Single-use packaging are used for the hygiene, safety and convenience they provide. If not managed properly, however, this can lead to huge amounts of unrecycled materials and even littering in the worst cases.

We know that on-the-go packaging can be recycled, and, with enough critical mass, it makes perfect economic sense to do so. When the collection and recycling of packaging is foreseen ahead of time, better use of materials is made and that is one less worry for events organisers.


circular supplier = guaranteed collection = guaranteed recycling
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