Recycling paper cups: all you need is many

Since 2016, CEE Schisler, one of the founding members of Pack2Go Europe, makes some of the paper bags its produces from used paper cups. Thousands of paper cups are used inside company offices each day and, until recently, these were not recycled in France. That is starting to change because people want to recycle more, companies want to deal with their waste efficiently and new players are offering specialised collection services.

The main reason why paper cups are now being recycled is because we can now collect enough of them for their recycling to be economically viable. It is all about separate collection. Despite the fact that paper cups are covered with a thin layer of plastic on the inside for product integrity and safety reasons, the technology to recycle these cups has been around for some time.

more separate collection = more recycling

Today CEE Schisler works with Greenwishes and Papeterie Raon to recycle cups into bags. Greenwishes collects the used cups from companies around France and ships these to Papeterie Raon. Papeterie Raon then turn these into pulp and paper which is sent to CEE Schisler to make new paper bags for McDonald’s, among others. And that's the story of a circular economy!

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