Re-using good habits: the Belgian out-of-home collection strategy

Belgium is one of only five countries in Europe with a recycling rate over 50%. After Germany and Austria, it is the best recycler in Europe. For the recycling of industrial and household packaging, Belgium is actually the best (80%+). The reason behind Belgium’s recycling success is related in big part to Belgium’s smart separate collection system for household packaging waste – a collection system that is now being extended to collect waste out of homes too.

At the heart of Belgium’s separate collection of household waste system is the separation of Plastic bottles and flasks, Metal packaging and Drink cartons (PMD), which households place in a blue bag for separate collection. Paper and cardboard, household food waste and residual waste are collected separately.

Fost Plus wants to leverage consumers’ sorting behaviour in their own households and encourage them adopt exactly the same behaviour everywhere else they go – PMD and residual waste in separate bins. The first and most obvious place to start is "at the office". This closed environment closely resembles the home as far as sorting waste goes. The bigger challenge is to encourage consumers to sort their waste in public spaces.


universal separate collection guidelines = better collection = more recycling

Through this campaign, Fost Plus reaches thousands of offices, schools, sport centres and other out-of-home contexts (such as shopping centres, festivals, beaches, holiday spots, camping sites, zoos, etc.) today.

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