McDonald’s Belgium celebrates 40 years with creative plea to consumers

On 22 May McDonald’s Belgium launched “Garbage, we take it personally” – a campaign to enlist consumers in the fight against litter. At the heart of the campaign is a website ( which encourages consumers to support McDonald’s 20% litter reduction pledge and upload a picture of themselves to create a collage with the “Litter Man” symbol.

From a behavioural point of view, the anonymous nature of littering is one of the big challenges that litter prevention efforts need to face. As McDonald’s Belgium notes, even the Litter Man symbol is itself anonymous. Through its campaign, McDonald’s Belgium aims to make the fight against litter “personal”. Participants are also encouraged to share their pledges on social media.

With each pledge comes the opportunity to win a personalised portrait or one year’s worth of McDonald’s burgers.

Collection of used packaging is not only good to increase recycling. It is also about proper disposal and litter prevention. McDonald’s Belgium unveiled its 5-year strategy for the environment and jobs on the occasion of its 40-year anniversary on 31 March 2018. It includes, among others, a pledge to reduce litter around its restaurants by 20%. One of the ways of reaching this objective is through greater awareness raising among McDonald’s customers.

with better infrastructure and more awareness, we can fight littering and increase collection of on-the-go packaging
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