Leading companies launch used cup recycling initiative in UK

From January 2018 onwards, used paper cups are to be collected and recycled in significant volumes for the first time in Britain. Six leading members of Pack2Go Europe operating in the UK - Huhtamaki, Benders Paper Cups, Dart Products Europe, Seda Group, Stora Enso & International Paper Foodservice Europe - have pioneered the project, which will see used paper cups collected from bring banks operated by ACE UK and municipal collection facilities to be recycled along with used beverage cartons, which will support Pack2Go Europe’s “reaching 4 recycling, calling 4 collection” initiatives for the circular economy.

“We are delighted to have signed a major recycling deal with the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK),” says Neil Whittall of the Huhtamaki Group and principal coordinator of the industry initiative involving fourteen companies so far. “This project confirms that used paper cups are recyclable. It also shows just how seriously we take our responsibility to integrate these valuable products into the circular economy. It's a template that many others may wish to look at and we would be happy to share the learnings.”

The paper cup manufacturers are joined in this endeavour by the distributor BUNZL Catering supplies and the following branded food and beverage service chains: Caffe Nero, Costa Coffee, Greggs, McDonald's, Nestlé, Pret A Manger and Starbucks. Used paper cups will be recycled at an the ACE UK recycling facility in Halifax, West Yorkshire in northern England.

ACE UK is committed to recycling used beverage cartons and operates its own "Bring Bank" collection scheme where beverage cartons can be deposited by members of the public as well as with working with waste contractors and local authorities to get beverage cartons included in kerbside recycling collections.


The public wants to be able to recycle the used paper cups that allow them to drink on-the-go from hygienic, safe containers. This project will provide access to recycling, a challenge that can be met all across Europe when the key stakeholders cooperate together.

ACE UK: “14 organisations sign ground-breaking agreement with ACE UK to boost paper cup recycling”

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