Launch of Innovation Framework in Spain for the Separate Collection of Foodservice Packaging

On 15 October, Cicloplast, Marcas de Restauracíon, Pack2Go Europe and Ecoembes have launched a joint platform to promote more separate collection of foodservice packaging from quick service restaurants. This initiative will work to expand existing projects, as well as piloting new initiatives that could scale across Spain and across Europe.

The individual projects under this initiative will work in particular to:

  • deploy effective separate collection systems,
  • increase public awareness of need for separate collection,
  • train restaurant staff,
  • achieve better separation of waste for quality recycling,
  • improve litter prevention.

The innovation partners will catalyse a European-wide movement by communicating their results broadly and by encouraging their European colleagues to take up the methods that have been successfully developed in Spain.

This innovation framework will also work to increase the scientific knowledge available with regards to packaging used by quick service restaurants.

In addition, the partners will work to encourage other sectors to take up their successful methods and tools for greater separate collection and recycling.

Restaurants participating in this innovation partnership and promoting separate collection will receive special recognition for their efforts.

Food and beverage service and convenience packaging enables the distribution of hundreds of millions of meals in quick service restaurants across the EU each day. Significant increases in separate collection of foodservice packaging will provide a great contribution to the EU’s objectives of resource efficiency and environmental protection.

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