Last chance to register: recycling projects presented on November 9th

The “Reaching 4 Recycling, Calling 4 Collection” initiative has been 18 months in the making. It is ambitious. It is comprised of a series of action lines. “The Conference 2017” aims to brief participants on progress so far in the context of an accelerating debate on how to promote more re-use, more recycling and less littering of packaging in general – and of service packaging in particular.

The conference will review the current situation in a number of important countries as part of Pack2Go Europe’s ongoing programme to catalogue the consumer’s actual access to recycling around the EU and the regulatory situation as it applies to food and beverage service packaging.

A game-changing recycling project in the United Kingdom will be presented in Brussels for the first time, along with briefing on projects which are in preparation in Spain and Germany.

These projects show that food and beverage service packaging is truly recyclable when there is cooperation throughout the chain to provide access to separate collection and sorting infrastructure.

These projects also aim to trace a path for the future all across Europe, where the valuable materials used in manufacturing our safe and hygienic products are captured at end of life and returned to the circular economy.

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