ILPA successfully recycles PET into new packaging

In 2016 the ILPA Group, an Italian foodservice packaging manufacturer and member of Pack2Go Europe, produced 18,000 tones of recycled PET, which it used to produce its signature fresh-fruit trays sold under the ILIP brand. This represents a significant contribution and commitment to the circular economy.

In 2012, the ILPA Group acquired a plastics recycling facility dedicated to the recovery of PET from separate collection, creating a vertically integrated circular economy operation. Other companies of the group grind, extrude and thermoform the recycled PET to manufacture packaging suitable for contact with food, according the EU standards. The company’s use of recycled materials has increased significantly ever since.

Virgin PET is made from hydrocarbons (crude oil or natural gas) which are imported in Europe from across the globe. The market for bales of PET bottles is also a worldwide market. By increasing separate collection of PET bottle in Europe, we ensure that we source the raw materials for our products as close to where they are produced as possible.

more separate collection = more recycling = sustainable business
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