#Digitalisation Will Revolutionise #Collection And Recycling

It is 7:55 am. We are in the metro in Paris and Magalie is finishing her morning takeaway coffee on her way to work. It’s 12:35 pm. We are in London and Giovanni is walking through Covent Garden finishing a sandwich he picked up a few blocks away. It’s 3:22 pm. Lisa is walking through the Amsterdam Central Station on her way to her train. She just finished a bottle of water. It’s 8:41 pm. We are in Berlin and Karl is drinking a can of beer on his way to his friends.

In 2017, the odds that Magalie, Giovanni, Lisa or Karl would have properly disposed of their used cups, cans, wraps or bottles when outside of their homes* might have been anywhere between 30% and 80% – certainly not a given. Fast forward to 2022 and the days of lost resources have long been forgotten. How might that have happened?

A universal system has been rolled out throughout Europe. Not a can, wrap, bottle or cup is left behind. Next week we will show you how digitalisation offers big solutions to boost our efforts to bring the reusable resources back into the economy.


* Most EU countries already have good records when it comes to collection of packaging for recycling from households and businesses. The challenge is to extend good practices to packaging used outside of homes, “on-the-go”.


●  Re-using good habits: the Belgian out-of-home collection strategy

●  Eurostat: EU packaging waste treatment statistics

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