Details of pioneering UK paper cups recycling deal revealed on 9 November — Registrations open

For more cups to be recycled they must first be collected for recycling and then sent to an appropriate recycling facility. Until recently, infrastructure for capture and collection of used cups has been limited. Providing more opportunities for consumers to recycle their used cups will help increase the amount of cups being recycled.

The paper cup and retail beverage industry in the UK has been working to increase the number of collection points through in-store collection, single site initiatives and working with waste collection service providers such as Simply Cups and Veolia. The agreement with ACE UK announced earlier this week builds on these initiatives and will significantly expand the number and reach of paper cup collection points through the addition of the bring bank service.

The long term focus of the agreement will be to get cups included in domestic kerbside recycling which, when added to the bring bank collection points, has the potential to deliver recycling for paper cups across more than 90% of local authorities in the UK. All involved will also be looking to develop a link into waste management company collection programmes for businesses and other large organisations.

The full details of the cooperation will be unveiled at “The Reaching 4 Recycling, Calling 4 Collection Conference 2017”.

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