Clear Message on Recycling in Revised EU Packaging Law

Food & beverage service packaging is designed primarily to guarantee food hygiene, protect public health and ensure consumer safety. There will always be a range of contexts where it will be simply indispensable. So, key stakeholders – Pack2Go Europe included – must take responsibility for ensuring that these packs are collected and recycled once used. More can and will be done to ensure that the valuable materials in our packaging do not become wasted resources.

There was great news this week in Strasbourg. The European Parliament approved an updated Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive, which sets higher recycling targets. This will focus minds on getting more and better collection across Europe, which is essential if recycling rates for food & beverage service packaging are to be increased. Better still, the new directive explicitly says “where single use packaging is indispensable to guarantee food hygiene and the health and safety of consumers, Member States should take measures to ensure recycling of such packaging”. We couldn’t agree more!

Pack2Go Europe is looking forward to working with national governments and local stakeholders across the EU to find and implement the best ways to collect and recycle food & beverage service packaging. We have surveyed the position regarding access to collection and recycling across the EU (more news to come). We are working on a detailed strategy and plan. We have launched test projects that we hope can be scaled up. The future is definitely going to be circular.

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