By supporting litter prevention we support greater collection

In an ideal world, on-the-go packaging would be collected separately for recycling. Unfortunately, some of it is not collected at all because it is littered. This damaging behaviour of a small part of consumers poses a serious threat to our health and safety and to the integrity of our environments – it also is a waste of resources.

Pack2Go Europe started to look for solutions to tackle this challenge almost a decade ago. After several rounds of dialogue with pre-eminent litter prevention experts from across Europe, Pack2Go Europe’s efforts contributed to the successful launch of the Clean Europe Network in 2013.

The litter prevention organisations that are part of the Network have since made progress in exchanging best practices and working together to create common method for litter prevention experts to measure the incidence of litter in a systematic way across Europe, among others. Pack2Go Europe will continue to support litter prevention initiatives as these are an important way of educating consumers about the need to preserve valuable resources.

with better infrastructure and more awareness, we can fight littering and increase collection of on-the-go packaging
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